Is marketing automation necessary to you?

Each team of marketing specialists is overloaded with work. It is clear: all of us look for ways to maximize the profitability of the business. We can precisely tell: for the vast majority of the organization’s use of instruments of automation of marketing can give quantum leap and unload a part of team
Of course, introduction new demands, investments, and means, and knowledge, therefore, it is worth thinking whether these investments for the concrete organization are justified. Don’t think that the increase in marketing costs is something bad. It can turn out that this best investment if it increases the number of clients and income.

Not any marketing team is ready for automation. Certainly, your marketing specialists have an important work for which all funds are allocated. There is nothing good in spending money on automation and not to use it to the maximum.

About what actually marketing automation

The most important that should be known: it is impossible just to press a pair of the buttons and forget about it. It is the big myth. Marketing automationisn’t engaged in marketing for you. It strengthens already existing processes. Therefore it is remarkable if there are good working processes. If they aren’t so good, the checklist will serve as an excellent starting point for the creation of a marketing strategy.

Create a well-debugged system of inbound-marketing or adjust other channels of the attraction of traffic on the website. So you will generate a continuous inflow of leads with which it is possible to work, turning them into clients.

When you steadily receive new leads, and your team will be overloaded with their processing, the time of the following step will come.
Include campaigns for heating and repeated involvement. Begin to test one chain of messages for another. Govern, clean, improve.

Automation is considered successful if any lead hasn’t remained unaddressed. It is even better if you personalize letters under different segments.

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