Tips to engage in wholesale Business

Sometimes, businesses that start as a small store, identify that there is a niche market in the China wholesale biz, but they are not very sure of how to take the step.

The wholesale is very focused on the price, but it’s not the only thing

It is clear that when it is sold wholesale, customers look for a good price. In short, the price put by the wholesaler has a direct impact on the price that the retail merchant can put afterwards and, therefore, also on his profit margin.

Trust is to be able to guarantee that your wholesale products will always meet the quality standards that he wants to sell to his clients and that his orders will always arrive on time.Surely you have heard about the Just in Time system, in which they try to eliminate all inefficiencies. Well, in this system the choice and relationship with suppliers is one of the most important factors.

Internet is increasingly important

If you come to sell to the final consumer, surely you are already aware of the importance of the internet. Nowadays, any supplier investigation starts on the network. However, there are some differences with respect to retail.

In some cases there may be specific social networks for wholesalers, which focus on the market. In China these networks have not come to fruition at the moment, but there are platforms halfway between social networks and directories.

Do not forget about the traditional promotion methods

As a wholesaler you must understand that if your client makes a mistake with an order, for him it is a very important problem due to the large volumes. If an individual consumer asks for shoes, he can return them and even if it is not a good experience, the cost is acceptable.

The same with a shipment of shoes entails very high costs. Therefore, it is important that future buyers can test your products. For this, you can send samples, attend fairs and do demonstrations at the clients’ workplace. When you attend a fair, you should not just settle for going to it. Before that you must make a small marketing plan, because attending a fair must have a goal.

Your ability to satisfy Customer’s need

With this defined, make sure that all the materials that you generate for the fair go in the same line and transmit that message.It is clear that the problems are inevitable in the long term, but you must give the security to your clients that when they happen you will immediately have someone working to solve them.

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