Where does the scrap come from and where is it sold?

If you want to open a scrap trade, you should always keep one in mind: through the course alone, you will not make any money. To really start a lucrative business, you should ask yourself two crucial questions before you start:

Who will buy it from me?

As a scrap dealer, it is best to have different sources of supply right from the start. These are, on the one hand, private individuals who simply want to get rid of their old equipment and, on the other hand, business customers, such as electricians or steel construction companies.

Tip: Try to build as many business sources as possible. As a rule, this means that you continuously receive scrap and do not have to worry about bottlenecks.

The question of who buys your scrap later, can be answered using a Google search. There are scrap and recycling companies all over the country and, of course, the world over, who buy up scrap metals and other raw materials and reuse them.

When it comes to selling scrap, it becomes clear why sound expertise is so important in this industry. As a scrap dealer, you must know the current prices for various raw materials at all times. Otherwise, it quickly happens that they pull you over the table and you sell the metals and other resources way too cheap. Now that there are famous for demolition services you will be getting the perfect support.

Collection and environmentally friendly disposal

Upon delivery, the goods are weighed using a calibrated balance. Such industrial scales take up maximum loads of several thousand kilos. There are usually only tradespeople who are able to transport such weights, and private individuals can use the pick-up service offered by many scrap dealers. This offer is usually charged a corresponding fee, but this eliminates the logistics. In addition to the merit of the metal delivery, the consumer knows his old equipment and metals disposed of properly and environmentally friendly.

Outdoor and indoor corporate signage

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